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Sunday, March 27, 2005

All in a day's work.. What work?

If there is ever an award for the laziest person in Singapore, i would probably be awarded with it. It is a long weekend and all that i have ever done this weekend is to sleep. I slept for the whole of Saturday! Dun ask me how i manage to do it. Seriously, i dunno also. It is like my body is so exhausted that i just feeling like sleeping whenever i'm near the bed. Actually i felt like sleeping now too but i can't cos i have to my lesson plan first. =(

The most interesting thing i have done this week is probably catching the movie "Hitch". It is quite a nice movie if you ask me. I kinda like the plot. If only guys are as romantic as shown in the movies but the chances of that happening is even lower than striking 4D! A friend of mine asked me the other day on the phone , why i cannot trust guys. So i asked him, why should i? After thinking for a while, he answered me, "I guess you are right, never trust a guy". He confessed that he, himself had broke girls' hearts before. If you ask me, i would told you that all human are selfish. I believe that when a person likes me, he really do likes me but then nothing is forever, especially feelings. Things change and so do human beings. When that someone doesn't likes you anymore, it can be a cruel thing. I just wanna save myself from the heartbreaking process if that is what you are asking KP. But like you say, if i'm happy, so what if i dun trust guys, right?

ANyway, my eye lids are closing as i'm typing this.. Zzzzz.. Damn.. Still a long way to go before i can finish my LPs.. Why must there be school tomorrow?

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