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Monday, March 28, 2005

This is such a rare sight.. It is 3.07pm on my clock and i'm still typing away on my laptop in school. Usually at this hour, i would be packing my stuffs and preparing to go home. Before some smart alec start saying that i'm slacking, i usually went home early as i don't like to do work in school. Why you ask me? I guess i just don't like to see ppl peeking over at my comp to see what i'm doing. In case you haven't notice, i treasure my privacy very much and don't like anyone to invade it. Another point would be that i can't blast my mp3 in school where it would disturb the neighbouring teachers (Not as if i had a lot of mp3 in this laptop..)

I just love my Chem CT. He makes life so easy for me. He just told me that if i do not wish to conduct lesson tmr, i can go through the mistakes that the students make during today's lab session. Haha! That suits me as i need more time to prepare their notes which i have not done yet due to me slacking away (if you are wondering why, go read the previous blog entry).

Seriously, i enjoy the quietness of the staff room when there is no students. So peaceful. The noise that students made just gave me a headache...

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