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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Finally here again!

Finally! I finally have the time to sit down in front of my computer to blog.. This is insane...

Practicum is going into the counting down period but it is also a crucial period where there are many observations. I was talking with one of my trainee friends and we both felt that we need to improve on our time management. I just felt that work is never ending though i have not stop working.. I'm actually working much more harder than i'm when i'm in NIE but still i can't manage to finish a lot of stuffs... Lesson plans, setting test papers, chemistry assignment and marking... I'm already working till late at night and yet at many times, i still find myself trying to rush through all the work. This is so stupid.. I'm so tired that now all i ever wanna do is to lie on the bed and sleep. I think the first thing that i wanna do after practicum is over is to have a 2-days worth of sleep!

Got the enrichment program schedule from YY yesterday through email. Yucks! Boring programs.. It looks more like they are just anyhow throwing programs for us so that we cannot go overseas. My SCM says that they used to have a long period of holiday from the transition of trainee to full-fledged teacher.. Now we dun enjoy such treatment cos they felt that we are being paid so.. We must work in short.. But don't they know that practicum is very tiring.. We need a long (ok, maybe a short one will do too), good break where we can rest and recuperate before we step into school again. Sometimes, i just hate the system.. Trying to work teachers to death!

Still need to go NIE to submit my MC.. Damn.. Why are there so many rules and regulations?? My brain is just not working now... >_<

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