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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I dunno why the stupid blog keep showing that i only have 18 entries for my blog on my profile.. I have written like much more over that amount and it just won't update.. Stupid..

I actually wanted to blog about my day in school till i saw my previous entires.. All about school. I decided that i have enough of school as well and i want to write about other stuffs. So much for teachers also can have a life. The only time i felt like i have a life now is when i'm at lindy. How pathetic..

I haven't been sleeping a lot. 3 hours is the most i can get per day. Sometimes i tried to sneak in a nap in between but usually i ended up sleeping for hours cos i'm simply too tired to wake. When that happens, i become very frustrated cos i still have so much freaking stuffs to do and i have slept my time away. Feel like slapping myself when that happens.

This is simply stupid. No time for sleep, no time to even read the newspaper.. I think soon i will run out of time to eat. Why am i torturing myself? *shrug*

I just wish to sleep now...

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