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Sunday, May 08, 2005

This and that..

i think blog is the new way to communicate.. At least that is the way between me and my friends (well, NIE friends i guess). Well, it is the latest fad now and everyone (almost everyone) has a blog. Even my students.

I have been letting go of myself lately. I have been eating like nobody business and look what it has done to my figure. Damn.. I desperately need to diet and i don't get the recognition with my NIE friends. Nobody likes to be fat even if it is slight. People may think that i do not need a diet for i'm slimmer than them but that does not mean i'm not fat! Confused? Don't be for you dun need to think about it.

Was chatting with a friend days ago. She mentioned that been together with the same group of friends can get too much. Does it? Seriousy i don't know. I have not been sticking together with the same group of friends for a very very long time. It is not that i like friend hopping but just that at different stage of your life, there will be different people. Plus, there are just some people who get pretty irritating after a while. They like to act as if the own you (what the?) and that totally pissed me off. I belong to myself and i don't act according to what people say. People may say i have attitude but so? At least i'm not a pet dog who only follow orders. I also hate people spreading rumours about me, intentionally or unintentionally. Trying to guess from my every movement if i'm going out with some guys from a date or from an action. That is so childish. Utterly. I also hate people who keep picking on me. Yes, it may be fun to tease me once in a while but always? That is plain idiotic. (How come this statement sounds familar? Oh.. Think i have wrote about it before..) I don't mind being the butt of the jokes sometimes but not all even if i look like those who can accept such stuffs. But it is not a matter of if i can accept but a matter of if it is irritating on the whole. You won't like a fly to bug you all day even if you dun mind it around do you?

Well, i should go and pack my bag for tmr liao.. Till then, see ya!

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