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Friday, April 29, 2005

It is such a great day. I managed to bid goodbye to all my classes for i happen to have classes with all 3 of them. Sec 1 Courageous was very sweet today, presenting me with flowers and gift and running after me for my signature! I have upload the photo in the previous entry. Sec 2 Gracious was very noisy as usual but i really cannot bring myself to scold for i do not wanna destroy my mood (plus i have to see them tmr again!! Arrgh...) Sec 3 Ardent was trying to be funny with me today, making fun of my nick and name. I even have to cajole them to take a class photo for me.. But in the end, they still do lar (with the guys, yes the guys busying combing their hairs!).

Lindy was great tonight too. Learnt another new step which i feel that was so much more easy than the 6-counts or 8-counts.. As usual, i'm the super blur one and made lotsa mistakes till the instructors also notice me liao! (Sob sob) It was always a bit stress to dance with instructor because i'm quite scare to make mistakes in his face.

Managed to dance with all our guys tonight (even Egwin!). KJ is finally able to make it.. Oh sidetrack a bit..

KJ: One of my TT says the photo at your blog is so damn nice!

Poor Egwin is a bit worried now for he did not check the schedule and still thought that next week is a holiday week! He looked so shocked when i told him got class at NIE next week. Well, i guess we will have to see how we can help him liao.

It is gonna be the last day tmr. To be honest, i felt kinda sad to leave for i know i'm gonna miss the school and the students. Well, i think i will just have to enjoy Speech Day tmr and the long await KTV session!

P/S: Should i blog in red colour text from now onwards? It looks good huh...

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  • At 9:48 PM, Blogger KJ said…

    Thanks! Not all were taken by me though, so can't take all the credit haha.


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