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Friday, April 22, 2005

Random Thoughts...

I got a earworm! F.I.R is ringing in my head! I'm listening to F.I.R songs as i'm writing this blog.. I have been bothering YY with my singing yesterday. Haa..

We met Xiaxue at City Hall Interchange yesterday. Yy was mildly excited and even tried to photograph her with her HP.. But in the end, she chose not to. Wise choice.. I won't want to end up with xx confronting us *Hmmm*

Ken Jin! Why did you not come to Lindy yesterday? We are so lonely without you! Haha.. Stayed for Swing Fling (sigh.. me and my lousy resistance) and in the end, i only managed to have one complete dance (with the lindy 4 teacher!) and 2 incomplete dance with Raymond and Joel.. We need more guys.. Btw, every time when yy asked me to look at the Justin at Jitterbugs, i will connect that justin to our cute, beloved Justin Lee (Juz, are you reading this?).

Sorry if i can't write one full complete blog. My mind is too tired to try to link everything together. Ciaoz!

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  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger KJ said…

    Sorry lah... er, so I take it Lindy 2 need more guys? What did you all learn? Did you all ask the teachers? Hm, I guess I don't mind paying some money for it, but $90 is like... a lot!! ;P


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