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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Marking Day!

It is marking day for today. I have 2 lessons in the first two periods and lesson at the last period. There is a big break in between and guess what? There is no relief for trainees today. Maybe it is due to the fact that the school had suddenly thrown each of us another relief period towards the end of the day yesterday. It is a bit irritating. Imagine you are teaching halfway and suddenly a cleaner auntie comes in and gave you a relief slip. And that is after you have done 1 relief period and taught 5 straight periods. And the relief is just one period after your last lesson. I din even have time to eat cos i have remedial at 2.30pm. @#$%&*

The books that i have to mark is stacking veru high on my table and i'm simply trying to squeeze time to mark them. What am i buy with? Busy with setting mid year paper, busy with relief and lesson plans. Yes.. There is still lesson plans for there are still lessons to teach although the obsevations are over.

Im gonna start on Lindy 2 tonight. Kinda excited about it but worried at the same time. Excited over the facts that i'm gonna learn more interesting moves and worried that i might not be able to catch up. Kinda drag about the facts that i have to learn to someone's sacastic remarks evry thursday when i go for the dance. Not that i'm affected by his remark (i know where is my standards..), just irritated by him constantly saying the same thing over and over again. Even when i have improved on my weak points, he still never fails to mention them again as if that makes him feel good about himself. If that is really the case, what a loser! He so need to grow up. Feel like telling him off one day that he is not that great himself. But meanwhile, whatever! I do as i please. I dance as i like. I may not be an expert but i do not need to step on anyone to make myself feel good.

Really tired.. It is as though my body knows that practicum is almost over and it can't wait to rest. Maybe i should go off earlier for Swing Fling today.

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    yo! i got a headache! and literally an earache as well! think im being hit by flue bug;my body is shutting down faster and earlier than i tht it wld...


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