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Monday, April 18, 2005

Thank God It's Monday! Ha!

Yes! It is a nice day. Why? Because i have completed the annoying chemistry assignment that is due this afternoon. I have only slept for 2 hours yesterday, trying to rush the assignment out. I believe most of the other chemistry trainees are in no better shape.

Going to have another observation later. This observation is unique because i only know about it this morning! It was supposed to be tomorrow. However, my CT suggested bringing it forward, in case he cannot come to school tomorrow. Why he can't come? Oops! Have i forgot to tell you guys? He is going to be a father soon! How exciting! =)

Anyway. i agreed. But now, i'm thinking that i might have just killed myself.. It is going to be a lab session and i dun exactly have a lot of experience conducting a SPA session.. Plus, i have no lesson plans or whatsoever! How?? Pulling my hairs now..

Anyway, i managed to 'escape' from the contact time in school today for i have to go to NIE to hand in assignment.. Lucky me! The contact time always last till almost 7pm.. Am laughing at my fellow trainees who had to attend the meeting. Very bad of me right? I also think so but i'm too happy now to care about anything. Frankly, i'm not even that worried about the obs later.. I believe my CT won't fail me and that is all i ask for now..

Oops.. Bell just rang.. Another 30 more mins to lesson, i'd better go prepare for it.

Btw, a fellow TT invited me to her wedding! How exciting.. I love going to wedding.. Wee! Can't wait for it!

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  • At 3:48 PM, Blogger Ra said…

    wah... you got to skip a contact time.... you lucky duck... *QUACK!* ~ :p


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