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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The most hateful type of person

You know what i hate? I hate people who try to act nice or say nice things about themselves when they have push the shitty job to others. I hate it when they try to act as if they are doing you a favour.

I'd to rush to hand in my assignment back at NIE yesterday which fortunately means i'd escaped the contact time yesterday. However, this morning i discovered that it might not be such a bless after all. Early in the morning, one of the TT came and informed me that we'd to cover form teachers duties for some classes on Speech Day. And she immediately says that the rest of the TT after discussing among themselves decided that i will be the one taking 2G. Seriously, i felt offended.. Excuse me, but what do you mean you guys decided? I thought Mrs Tan asked the 6 of us, NOT the 5 of you to discuss and come out with the list on who to go to which class? Yes, i may be absent from yesterday meeting but that does not mean you all can take advantage of the situation.

I was even more annoyed when one of the TT has the cheek to tell me "The form teacher of 2G is your CT what, somemore u teach the class, so giving you the chance lor'. What do you mean by giving me the chance? Hello! I have been handling them since the start of practicum. Yes, it is true that they are more under control in my lesson now, doesn't mean i can control them outside the class! Plus, so what if i teach 2G, so what if my CT is the form teacher of 2G? If you are scared of taking the class, you say so. Dun try to make it sound so nice that you are doing me a favour. I'm so pissed by ppl who do that. Such a coward. Dun even dare to admit what you are thinking. Oh.. Did i hear you saying that i'm accusing you and it is not true. If so, then lets swop classes.. Oh, you dun want? Yes, why would you want to when all of you had gotten the good class.

So, lemme tell you something. I'm not pissed that i'd to take 2G, because i dun run away from a challenge. I accept it. I'm pissed that after being a coward for not daring to face 2G, ppl still have the cheek to distort the fact and try to be the saint in front of me. And lemme tell you another thing, if the instruction given was to discuss among ourselves, it means we discussed. I dun take orders from you ppl just because you all decided that i should. If we discuss and you all still feel that i should take 2G, i would be fine with it. But i hate it when ppl just come in and throw me the class and says thing like you all have decided and i should accept it. What the f***! Pardon me for my language but that is me. If i'm displeased, i speak it out, i dun pretend to be somebody else.

And lastly, dun pretend to say that you will try to help me managing the class for your class is beside mine during speech day. You know if you will or not. And dun try to make it sound as if it is very easy handling the class. This is the 2nd time where this statement totally pissed me off! If you really think that sec 2G is so easy to handle, then why din you take the class? Why did you decided to take the easy way out and take the sec one class? Stop shoot your mouth off and starts doing constructive things, instead of saying craps to me.

Lastly, peace. I'm writing this because i'm PISSED! Pissed that you guys do not respect me and not that i had to take 2G.

3 Wishes granted:

  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger Rafe said…

    People wear maskes and often can't be honest about their true feelings. The hell with them.

  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger ~Cindirella~ said…

    Yup.. But it makes you angry more when those people are your friends.. =)

  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger happyhannon said…

    hi.. mayb its a blessing we xchange blog address. sorry abt the arrangement but truly, i think you do a much better job in handling classes than i do. i realised today that even though i'm giving my best in managing my classes, but my so called good intentions hardly seem to work. they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. i must be travelling on it.

    so wat im trying to say in a nutshell is i admit i can't handle 2G. i admit i'm glad and relieved u are taking 2G. its still not too late to change the arrangements and come to a discussion with the rest. we can draw lots if no one is comfortable with making a decision. theres little i can do to ease your burden but just let me know wat i can do and i will do my best.


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