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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A big Thank You!

Hey! I just wanna thanks all those who helped cheering me up and giving me advices after they saw my last blog. Was hit by the green-eyed monster when i was writing that blog. Like what GQ says, it is all part of the phase of growing up (oh my god! I'm still growing -_-''') and seriously i must say my NIE life is really really great. I get to know so many fantastic people *give them a hug* and they had brought so much joy into my life. I still love teaching and mixing with my kids (though i think i'm starting to behave more like them. Nooooo.....).

So here is what i wanna say to these people...

GQ: Thanks for leaving that sweet comment! It really warms my heart. What would i do without a friend like you =)

KJ: Thanks for your advice too. I will looked into that. But from what i know, the overseas attachment only applies to teachers who had completed their bonds. And as for Lindy 2, the guy-girl ratio is quite proportional but maybe you can sneak in? I dun think they will realise it. (Oops! Is it very unmoral of me? Haa..)

Juliet: Please take care of yourself gal! Especially your throat, we are going for that KTV session on Fri!! Yippeee...

YY: I always have a lot to say to you but thanks so much for all the help you had given me (especially helping me adminstrating the chemistry test! I have not thank you properly for that..)!

P/s: The 'recover post' thingy really works! I lost this blog when i was typing and gave that command a try and luckily, it managed to recover it back for me. If not i'm too lazy to type it all over again...

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