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Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is insane. For the past 3 weeks, i have either been at NIE or out with friends partying. I did not fulfill what i promised myself, that is to get plenty of rest and more time at home to recuperate. Tomorrow i have another early morning seminar to attend and i'm still blogging at this late hour. I'm tired all right but i just don't feel like sleeping.

I haven't been feeling like me for the past week. it is like i'm in some mild depression or something like that. Maybe that is why i have been playing so hard for i'm trying to shake away this feeling. But the more i try to get rid of it, the more it shows. What have i been doing for the past 3 weeks? Frankly, i dun think i can recall even if you ask. All i could remember is me telling myself and asking myself 'Why didn't i have more time for myself?'

I was trying on the clothes in my closet the other day and to my horror, i realised that 1/3 of them felt so tight on me (Oh my god!). I finally gathered up the courage to weigh myself and found that i have put on 4 kg! 4 freaking kilograms! Now i dun think people can still tell me that i have not grown fat. Either i'm super thin (which i dun think i'm) in the past or i've put on weight. This is the karma of all the ice-cream eating, snacking on chocolate and potato chips and late night supper! Dun even know why am i eating so much in the first place?? Stress? Depressed? Arrgh.. All i know now is i need to shed 4 kg of fats or i need more money to buy new clothes that can fit me.

The only interesting date i have for the past weeks is the one i had with Jz (Hey! I kept my promised not to reveal your real name) who filled me with thoeries on 'Why men stray?' and 'Why women always want more time with their men?'. It is real interesting that i asked him to have a blog on his own so that he can post all these interesting things for others to read. That fellow can actually tell me he cannot write well so he shall not (what rubbish @#$%^&*, my english is even worse and here i am..). Hey Jz! Are reading this during one of your 'shake legs' days or are you still stuck at Xiaxue blog?? Oh, before i forgot.. Jz like interesting girls (especially girls like xiaxue!). So any interesting girls out there? Please leave your contact numbers with me so that i can pass to the great Jz. Don't worry he is not some ugly gorilla nor will he eat you up! Hey Jz, am i good to you or what? I'm advertising for you on my blog! Maybe, you will soon get to spend the dough in your bank once again on some 'interesting girls'. Just don't forget to pay me the matchmaking fees.

I think i'm getting more and more cranky in my blog. That means it is time for me to get to bed.

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