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Friday, May 20, 2005

What a wonderful day!

I hate IT woes! I have been trying to connect to the net for hours after I get back from Jitterbug. In the end, I still couldn’t get online and have to resort to typing my blog on a word document first! How irritating @#$%^&*

Apart from the stupid computer giving me problem, the whole day went very well. My NIE gang had arranged to wear pink top for our lindy hop classes (too bad Raymond and Jimmy never follow!) and it actually looked pretty nice to see all of us in pink! The best dress award however should go to Joel who provided us with so much laughter because he wore a very special pink top (refer to photo). I dun think I can remember another night where I have laughed so hard and so much. The last time that happened was years ago.

Our Lindy dance instructors, Jo and Marcus, are extremely nice people (although Marcus quite blur, always getting his step wrong but that’s kinda cute, plus he is so nice so he is forgiven) and today’s Lindy session is another funny one hour. First, Marcus kept forgetting the steps he wanna teach us and one of our classmates actually called out the steps for him! Then when he was dancing with some of us during the class, he danced the wrong steps again (I think his worst performance was when he was dancing with Yeingzz. Maybe he is too dazed by YY’s beauty!). The class ended with the girls stepping on the guy’s toes and lotsa laughter.

Posted by Hello (Lindy 2 girls with Marcus and Jo)

After the lesson, it is Swing Fling as usual. Somehow i felt very drained today and didn't do much dancing (maybe i laughed too much and it zap my energy away!). So most of the time, i ended up sitting on the floor and watching people dancing which is an enjoyable thing to do when you are tired. Then it striked me that i should get the gang to take photo before we forget again. I suddenly felt kinda sad cos all of us graduating from NIE and it is like we have come to an end of our TT journey. I'm gonna miss the times where i attend lectures with them and all the jokes that we shared. Anyway, we were real crazy at the photo-taking session (The photo is the proof!).

First, we took a normal group photo..

Posted by Hello (Group photo with Lindy people)

Then we decided to get cheeky and started to post more and more funny poses..

Posted by Hello (Girls acting cute)

And the guys decided to join in as well...

Posted by Hello (Guys acting cool)

There are lot more photo that we have taken but i have promised not to put it up. Anyway, I also dunoo what get into me and i'm soooooooooo crazy tonight!! But it was fun.

Ok, finally finished writing this long blog entry so it is time to hit the sack. I still have 9am lesson to attend tomorrow...

3 Wishes granted:

  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger KJ said…

    Can't really see my pink... Anyway, was so not trying to act cool in that pic.

  • At 11:23 PM, Blogger JOEL said…

    Glad that u have a great night and laughing at my wonderful pinky suit. I purposely wear it to catch attention lah. I must be crazy that night also. Whatever!!

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Ra said…

    No KJ... you are more acting cute like the ladies... haha.. *joking* bleahz...


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