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Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter

“Neither can live while the other survive”

Ten years, seven books, one long series.

The end of Harry Potter has finally arrived. When I finished Book Six about 18 months ago, I was just dying for the last book to be published. However, as I held the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in my hands on the morning of 21st July, I’d a mixed emotion.

On one hand, I wished to quickly finished the book so that I can know the ending, while on the other hand, I longed for it to last longer as this will be the last time that I would be able to do so. I believed I was not the only one to feel so.

The queue at Popular wasn’t incredibly long but it was never ending. Everywhere that I looked, everyone seem to be carry a book in their hand. I hugged onto my own copy, afraid that it would slip away from my hand when I’m not looking.

I started reading the book, the moment I reached home. Instead of swallowing the words as I usually do, I devoured it slowly. I read and reread the sentences if I have doubts on what it means. It took me a day to finish the book (I'd to finish it by the weekend or when i go back to work on Monday, people will start telling me the story! I learned my mistake when i read my Sixth book 2 months later than everyone..)

Whenever a character dies in the book, I felt my heart wrenching. I know they are not real. But the sadness is still overwhelming. After all, they have been with us for ten years. The author, however, seems to be on a killing spree. One after one, the character will drop died for one noble rescue or other reason. The body count continues till the very last chapter of the body. There can be no victory if there aren’t any sacrifices isn’t it?

There are so many more things that I wanted to write about but can’t do so without telling the story of the book. Since I hate spoiler, I shall not post any. Talking about spoiler let me sidetrack a bit. I think the media here is damn irritating when they kept posting rumours of the story days before the book was out in the newspapers and even on the news. I know there are rumours of the story going around but have they ever thought that maybe the potter’s fans aren’t check it online because we wanna read it ourselves?

I shall continue when the content of the book is no longer fiercely guarded.

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