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Sunday, March 25, 2007


CW complained that i have not been writing for a long time and she is getting bored cos she has nothing to read. I know she wants to read about the school stuffs that i put up here because she felt the SAME way. Unfortunately, i have sort of lost interest in writing that here.

The reason is simple. People judged me on what i have written even without even being through the shit that we are going through. The worst part might be that they are your friends. I refused to be judge and i refused to be unhappy over what is comment here anymore.

So why do these friends judge what i have said here? I don't know. Maybe because I'm the hot temper, blunt and probably insensitive person in their eyes. So they have to discount what i have to said, because you see as long as it is said by me, it is probably my fault that it happened. Of course, if another were to say it, then it have to be the truth. That is because their name don't start with C. So if i said my workplace is like shit, that is because i have a problem and definitely not the place. To them, it has to be me.

There might some who is cursing me right now and i probably am putting strain in some of the friendships by writing this. But so have they. Except that the strain is only on me.

Maybe they don't know me enough. I complained here and then i get on with life. I cursed and swear over here and then i continued to work hard. In fact, very hard and i don't have to prove it to anyone who is reading because my colleagues have seen it and that is enough. Honestly i rather choose to talk to them, then to put up anything here.

Some people might probably be saying that i can't take suggestions or comment and I'm being childish or whatever. Maybe I'm or maybe I'm not.

Some of you might not agree but i think I'm old enough to distinguish which comments are meant to be malicious. Of course i like to think that all people are kind but really, be honest. Do you really think that every thing that was directed at me is really harmless? I appreciated those who truly care and am providing suggestions. But that was few.

So before anyone starts to even write their piece of mind, ask yourself if you have been fair to me. On second thought, forget about it. Don't even bother to ask yourself cos i don't really care anymore.

Maybe i should just stop causing your eyes to be sore and stop myself from being judge and start feeling miserable by mixing with my colleagues since they are the only who seem to believe me (thank god that we are in the same situation) and not judge me.

To those who think that i might be writing about them and that might have offend you.. Oh well, that's too bad. I'm not gonna apologized because you have hurt my feelings too.

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