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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Another 2 weeks had past before i have the chance to sit down and blog about my life. Or what is left of my life.

School has been reopened for a month and yet i don't even know what i have been doing. All i realised is that i have been staying late for endless meetings and meetings and school events and meeting endless deadline for.... for what? I can't even remember what i was busy about. But more importantly, it is taking my time away from the preparation of my lessons. I dun want to be a OHT/PPT teacher. Brrr....

I have been thinking about the word responsibility recently. It is such a heavy word. I want to be a responsible teacher but i want to be a responsible daughter, a responsible friend too. I felt sorry for the single teachers in my school. I mean, if you are single by choice, i would salute these people. Independence is great. But if you are single by work, then i really think that it is pathetic. I do not want to be so busy with work that i have no time for dating. I wanna get married eventually and have kids and a great family life.

I do not want to be constantly reminded by others and myself that i'm guilty of not working because i spent a saturaday afternoon on movies or hang around with my friends. Is it a crime not wanting to work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Who am i? Am i the teacher who have to work very very hard, giving up on all other activities because that is my responsibilities or am i the C**** who wishes to have a life outside work? I don't want to be so consume by students. I felt like i'm drowning in it and i'm barely able to keep myself afloat.

The workload is crazy, the heads are not helping. Just tell me what could be worse...

All right, thinking on the positive side. The only good thing right now is that i have a new boss and she is much better than the old one. If only i could change some other people.. Hmmm..

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