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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Untitled

A month after my last entry, i finally had the time to sit down and post this new one. There are so many things that i wanna talk about. I wanna talk about the food poisoning incident which occurs during my trip (that leads to a drastic weight loss). I wanna talk about my new year resolutions and the first week of school.

But you know, sometimes when you drag too much, you tend to get lazy and doesn't wish to write anymore.

All right, i shall try.

Food poisoning

My trip was actually pretty good, except that on the last few days, i was down with food poisoning. The vomitting part wasn't fun at all and that totally spoilt the trip for me. Imagine being in Hong Kong (the food city!) and not able to eat anything at all. My only memory of Hong Kong is the hotel (which i spent two full days!) that i stay in and the hospital that i had visited. Honestly, i thought i was dying when my friends sent me to the hospital. 2 whole days without food nor water.. That was a horrible experience.

New Year Resolutions

This year, i wanna
  1. get my driving license! I know i have been saying it for many years but i swear i will get the license this year.
  2. save money! I think i have just spend way too much last year..
  3. be a better teacher.
  4. take care of my health. After the incident during my trip, i came to realise that health is indeed very important. I don't like the feeling of staying in bed and restraining from food..

First week of school

The first week of school was C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!! Every single day was packed to the max during lesson time and after school there was more work to do. All the teachers had to stay in school till it closes for the 1st two days and on Friday itself, all of us went home at a record time of 10pm. That was not to mention that we are all supposed to arrive in school the next day at 8am. It was no wonder that MC rate this week was extremely bad.

Now that the second weekend is coming, all i want to do is to have a good sleep. But i'm due to join my department for farewell dinner later. Sigh.. When can i have my sleep?

P/S: I nearly forgot.. There is one good thing about the food poisoning incident. That is i have lost lot of weight. So much so that i can parade in my skinny tight jeans to those who had laughed at my weight during the contact time last Dec. Let's just say, revenge is really sweet!

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