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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The New Number Game

I have been away for some time. No, make that a long time instead. I hasn't been slacking. In fact, i have been really tied with my time. Imagine going out for invigilation, then back to school for lessons, then back to invigilation, then back to CCA. Then take that scenario and multiple by 5 days, you might probably get a slight taste of my current life.

It is crazy. On top of all the rushing, i still have to find time somehow to complete the SOW and resources for next year, which is due by this Friday. So pardon me if i seem like i'm losing my sanity (actually it is more like my sleep.. I'm gonna look like a panda again!).

That wasn't what i had wanted to blog about. I wanna talk about something else. But before that, i had put up another message board (hooray!!) for communication. Once again, it is pink.

All right, what do i wanna talk about? My title says the new number game. Indeed, but it actually refers to my weight. Make that my current weight.

I'd ballooned to such an extend that i could no longer pretend that the few extra gams or kilos is all right. I had been frequently tease by my colleagues about my current figure. Their comments were malicious, probably due to the fact that they are overjoyed that i could no longer fit into that tight, skinny jeans of mine.

How much weight had i put on? Erm, i think that is one figure that i prefer not to mention, until i had managed to lose it. But trust me, it is a huge number. Very huge. I had given myself 2 months to lose half of the weight that i had put on this year and i'm determined to do it.

When i have finally lose those weight, i'm so gonna wear my pretty skinny jeans and show it to those people who has been making fun of me and swearing that i will NEVER lose the extra fat that i had put on.

I think they do not understand me that well. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

So try not to tempt me with those delicious food ok?

2 Wishes granted:

  • At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey girl.. Jia you k?
    I know loosing weight is something very painful for us especially when you are tempted with so much delicious food around u. Hehe.. But jia you k?

  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ganbatta...I know you can do it.
    - The lost Knight


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