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Sunday, November 26, 2006

At Hong Kong!

I have reach the Hong Kong airport safely and am waiting for my transit plane to Kunming which is unfortunately 13 hours later. So that means i have to do with a proper bed and shower and probably bored to death at the airport for 13 long hours.. Sobz.. Luckily there is internet access here so i can at least waste sometime going online.

The temperature on the plane and at the airport is not as cold as i wished it had been. Now, i'm so regretting wearing a long sleeve cotton top. I'm sweating here.

There is nothing much to say except to wish YY a safe trip and remember to bring something for me! Haha.. I'm joking.

Although i had eaten a big share on the plane, i'm still gonna go grab some supper (gash! There goes my diet...).

Until i can find internet access again or 14 days later when i'm back, i will update again.

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