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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finally... The big day!

Well, not that big actually. Just that i'm flying off in 14 hours time and i'm still struggling to finish my work and packing my bag. Speaking of my lugguage, i'm actually surprised that it is pretty small for my standard. Hopefully, i'd not forgotten something. Need to double check later. Meanwhile, work is almost done except for some diagrams (i hate drawing diagrams!).

Went with YY on Friday to hunt for a backpack of suitable size and YY spot one, both prefect in size and price. Thanks YY!

I just can't wait to get to China and enjoy the cold weather there. The humid weather here is making me breakout! But then again, i hate to dress like a dumpling. I'm still excited nonetheless. After years of first seeing Lijiang on TV, i'm finally able to visit the place and see it with my own eyes and not through the lens of others.

All right, i need to get back to work and packing my bag. I will be away for 14 days so try not to call me but sms me instead. Overseas calls are expensive!

In case, anyone will miss me...

Till then, tata!

p/s: Have a safe trip YY!

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