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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shangri La!

For Y100 per room, we actually get free internet access. It is so worth it though breakfast is not included in the price pf the room.

After the gruesome 13 hours transit at the Hong Kong airport, i have finally reached Yunnan. It is 15 degree celcius at Kuming which is still rather cooling for me.

I took an internal flight over to Zhongdian which is also known as Shangri La to many. It is so cold over here! It was -5 degree celcius when my plane reached the airport. We took a mini tour around the vicinity of Shangri La and the weather actually falls below -20 degree celcius after nightfall. I nearly died from the cold, that is not to mention that some of us suffer from the high altitude sickness. But all the suffering is worth it when we reached some of the scenic places. Will upload the pictures when i get back. It actually snows at the peak of some mountain and i get to see snow for the first time in my life.

After 2 days here in Shangri La, tomorrow we will be taking the bus to Lijiang to continue with our tour. Can't wait to get there cos it is simply too cold here. My fingers are frozen as i'm typing this. Have to end it here before it gets frozebite!

Till then, tata!

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