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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is over in a flash and the much-awaited holidays are over.


I had a good holiday. I felt that I had rested enough and I managed to finish my marking! Woohoo! And I still managed to find the time to fine tune my teaching style. What a happy holiday.

I was comtemplating about visiting relatives as it can be pretty boring at times. But I’m glad I went, for I finally managed to meet my cousin whom I had not seen for years.

Remember in the 80s, where 琼瑶 is very popular and almost every Taiwan’s drama is based on her novel? In her story, there is always a couple who are青梅竹马 and always fall in love with each other. Well, that cousin of mine can be considered as my 青梅竹马. I remembered our relatives used to tease that we will probably get together just like the 琼瑶 drama. Our mom gave birth to us around the same time (I’m two weeks younger than him) and therefore they always hang around. As a result, we are playmates with each other. We go swimming together, played at the playground together and almost did everything together. That is until that incident happened and after that, everything changes. We no longer hang out together; in fact I think we don’t really talk to each other much anymore. He became so shy that it is difficult to get a conversation going with him!

So the only time I will get to meet him now, will be during the CNY relative visiting. And because of the difference in timing, I think I have missed him for the past five years during the visiting.

Finally, fate came and I managed to meet him in the lift and he is still as shy as usual. I think I had only managed to speak five sentences with him!

No, don’t get your idea wrongly. He has a girlfriend now (finally!) and I think he is going to get married pretty soon. But it is nice to see and talk to him again. Kinda bring back the childhood.

Now that CNY is over, I guess I will have to wait till next year to see him again.

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