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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Friday! 2 more days to CNY..

2 more days to the Chinese New Year and i'm not really excited about it. The world seems to be so different when you are only a kid. I remember i used to like CNY alot cos that will be the only time where i can eat and drink as much junk as i could without being scolded. Now that i can afford to buy my own junk food, CNY seems a bit boring.

Everyone in the staffroom seem to be in a good mood or maybe it is the sea of red that everyone is wearing. Either way, it was, correction is a happy day though i had just seen something that had slightly stained what would have been a happy day. But i do not want to let that one person to ruin my mood, so WHATEVER.

The bazaar was a sucess i think. Although my class didn't managed to sell a lot of things. But they had fun and that is all that matters. In the end, they have to bring back some of the stuffs that they had brought to sell.

I've this urge to go for movies, especially when i had finished a big pile of marking. Sadly, everyone seem to have programs. Sob sob. D asked me to meet him in town but i'm not really in the mood to travel so far because it is raining. Sorry D! I hope you had find a nice pair of shoes.

I think i shall go back to my marking (5 more piles, Jiayou!) so that i can enjoy the whole or tmr and Sunday =D

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