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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yes, i'm really busy..

I must be crazy to ditch my work and blog here. But I needed the break. The weeks after the examinations are always horrible. Let’s not talk about the marking of papers, which is usually due in 3 days. Then it is the rushing to key in marks and remarks (no thanks to the holistic report card that cause us so much misery!). Apart from that, we are often burden with other stuffs like CCA administration and form class matters. Piew.. It is not an understatement to say that 24 hours a day is not enough!

The rushing is getting to me. I’m getting more forgetful by each day. Maybe I’m choosing not to remember, in case the workload crushes me.

It is bad enough to be tied down with work and it is even worse when you constantly getting calls from ex colleagues or old friends whom you had lost contact. I mean I’m glad they remember me but it is often more than that.

Really, I do not need more insurance policy nor health products nor anything that you guys are trying to sell. Neither do I need to listen to your boring talk about MLM. And stopped asking the irritating question “Are you really so busy? I’m sure you have time to meet me for a short while for me to…” Come on, you used to be in my profession. Don’t tell me you do not know how busy we can get.

So pardon me the next time if I blew up in your face. You are simply too irritating.

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