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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm alive and back for good!

GH had been asking me to update my blog and I haven’t been doing so. It is not that I’m lacking of topics to write. I could easily thought of a few topics now. It is more of an ‘I don’t feel like writing’ kinda thing. I remembered I once told R that this is my ranting space. I mean I can’t possibly do that in my workspace, right? But people always have things to say about you.

Maybe I’m tired of being judged by what I wrote on my blog or silly people posting malicious comments but I guess it is more disgusting to think that these people might be my friends. Let’s be honest. This is a private blog and only a selected few know about. Although, some of them do link me up, the probability of a friend reading and commenting is definitely higher than a perfect stranger. So imagine these people pretending and acting as if they understood in your face and then turned around and post malicious comment behind their digital ID. I hate to think of my friends in such a way. Sadly, once such a thought is plant in my head, it just can’t disappear.

I figured that if that is the case, I might as well come back and fill up this web space with my nonsensical statements and poor English. So, watch out for me!

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