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Monday, October 29, 2007

Facebook and time

I have the urge to blog. I really do. But sometimes, you just have too many topics that you wanna talk about or too many things that you wish to clear up. I simply get lazy. I have thought of posting a reply to the previous post but gave up the idea. I have thought of deleting the previous post but gave up that idea too. Yeah, the previous post is bitch all right and harsh but i still do feel that people always act as if they do not care when it doesn't concern them. So that post shall stay since i have history to erasing words that i had said.

On a happy note. I have finally decided to treat myself better and asked YY out for some action tomorrow night. I'm so out-of-shape. Still dreaming about losing some weight (more like 5kg?!) over the holidays.

And i have finally joined Facebook after countless invitations. Bad choice! Now i'm totally addicted to it. Within days of joining, i have been biten (am i a vampire or werewolf now?), poked, received gifts and many more. Definitely not recommend for those who has little time to spare. I wished someone had warned me...

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