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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was thinking of telling YY that I’m too tired to go for kickboxing class but thought better of it since I really needed the exercise. I could use the timeout from work as well. I’m so glad that I went though cos I get to talked to YY about the latest Harry Potter book!

None of my colleagues are HP fan and it is really getting miserable not to have someone to race together over the story. We must have talked for at least an hour, just recapping the details in all the seven books (yes, I’ve read every single book). We discussed how some part of the story made us cry while some part of it made us rolled on the floor with laughters. We marvel over the ingenious plot that JK Rowling had rolled out in the book, sharing the new found fondness for some characters and how much I dislike the last chapter of the book.

I know that we sounded like some kids go gaga over a toy. But hey! It is not every day that you get to read a book that has charmed so many.

Inspired by YY, I’m going to reread the whole Harry Potter series again. Now, if only I can remember whom I had lent my first three books to…

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