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Friday, April 18, 2008

Driving Me Crazy

I have never been the genius in class but I have never really been the last neither. So it totally buffers me when I simply can’t seem to pass the stupid driving test. Before you start to console me by saying that everyone fails, I have to tell you that I’m going for my fifth test.

Yeah, I know. Quite a loser right. Honestly I have no idea where did I fail on the past four tests. It seemed that I have failed in different aspects in every single test. Yet, when I’m driving on the road with my instructor, I’m actually driving pretty fine. My instructor thought that I would have gotten my license on the third time. So do I. But one thing leads to another and now I’m onto my fifth.

This is just driving me crazy. It doesn’t help when you have tons of friends who managed to get their on the first attempt. So why am I taking the test so many times? I start to wonder if the reason is simple me being more stupid. It makes me feel as if I’m lousy. I can’t tell you how much my pride had been beaten by it. Why can’t the test be as simple as the school test? When I was still in school, to guarantee a good grade, you just need to study for it. What ever happened to the equation ‘hard work = results’? I have been mocked by people who think that it is funny to say sarcastic things in my face because they had gotten their licenses. Honestly, there are times where i really feel like beating up the tester when the younger lads who are driving more recklessly managed to score their pass when i'm still trying. Life is unfair.

It had come to a point where I totally refused to tell others when is my test date. Although there are truly some who cares and wanted to know if I had passed, their constant asking is just getting on my mind. You have no idea how hard it is to tell others again and again that you did not pass the test.

Now, with my advanced theory expiring soon, my fifth would probably be my last. As I’m counting down to judgment hour, I could really do nothing but to hope for the best.

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