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Monday, February 04, 2008

The Mist

I just caught a pretty good movie last Saturday. By good, I did not mean it to be blockbuster standard. There are no fanciful special effects or any exaggerating explosion. It is however a good horror movie. At least it managed to make me sit on the edge of my seat and I seldom get that scared during a movie! I had never been a fan of Stephen King’s novels. In my teen years, his story are simply too profound for me to understand but as the years piled on and I get more experience from life, I start to appreciate his story just a little bit more.

The plot of the story lays around the question of what can fear change us. The scariest thing in the movie is neither the mist nor the strange creature lurking in it but the fact that no one knows what lies beyond the mist. Questions start popping up. What is present in the mist? What will attack us next? Is anyone coming to help us? Should we leave or stay in the comfort of the hiding place? Till the end, the very thing that everyone is afraid of is the very fact that no one knows anything.

I couldn’t help but question myself. If I’m being place in the same situation, would I choose to stay or leave to find a trace of hope that I might be rescue? The story seemed to echo my current situation. Should I leave the service and plunged myself into an unknown future or should I stay in this comfort zone even though I’m not contended with the current situation? I’m still torn between the decisions but I can know for sure that I definitely do not have the courage to face the man-eating creature. Yes, I’m a coward when it comes to not death but pain.

All I can say is that the characters had given up hopes too early. Whether you believe in god or not, you should always have hope.

I just hate the sad and depressing ending.

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