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Monday, January 14, 2008


I can’t believe that 14 days had passed since 2008 has arrived. It seems like a long, long time ago when we are enjoying the holidays.

The past 2 weeks had been real tiring. There have been some changes to the workplace. New faces, new rules, new ‘can’t do’, new timetable.

I’m still not used to having a new colleague sitting next to me. She is so quiet that I do not know where to start the conversation. I miss MJ and the times where we gossip about the kids.

The boss is really fired up this year. She had started a list of what she doesn’t want to see and is on her full force to implement it, not only to the kids but to the adults as well. All the ladies had at one time been criticise for one thing or another. Honestly, we are baffled! The clothes that we have been wearing were now deemed by her to be unprofessional. The ladies had been joking that in the near future we would need to wear a suit like hers to come for work. Pedicure and manicure are proclaimed as too eye-catching by her and strongly forbidden. Even the trainers and coaches of the various group had to obey the no-colour hair rules. That makes me feel like screaming a big DUHZ!

Why are we not allowed do pedicuring and manicuring is totally strange to me? I can understand if we are dressing too sexily and need to be covered up but we are so totally properly dressed, just not to the extend of putting on a office suit because we need to teach in a hot and humid classroom. Everyone is so tense about clothing everyday that some of us wished to wear the uniform instead. The majority of us feel that we are back in school where we have to be told to do this and that.

The environment is getting more and more frustrating and it is getting to everyone of us. The official timetable is starting earlier (7am) and ending much much later (4pm). We are really feeling the stressed of it. I really wish that we do not have to be stressed again in other areas. We are all adults and we should enjoy some freedom and be treated like an adult. If only, the management can learn to take our feelings into account…

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