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Monday, February 02, 2009

You know that you are very stress when...

You know you are very stress with work when

You just couldn’t fall asleep at night even when you are very tired.
You kept waking up in the middle of the night, wondering if you had just overslept for work.

I am very stressed with work.

Let’s me quote what my head had told me over the weekend. In his words, he felt that I had let him down. That particular statement did not come about after an observation or a survey but from the fact that he feels that I had not made any progress in the areas that the management had made known to me last year. After hearing that, I felt pissed and greatly disappointed. Since when had the ministry decided to base their assignment on feelings or inappropriate survey sample size?

I am not trying to find a grand excuse for the situation. But I can safely say that it is unfair for the management to judge if an educator had done well by just asking one or two students from one class. What about the rest? Why was it that the positive comments are always thrown out of the windows and never being mentioned while the feedback from one student is placed of great emphasis? I’m not just to say I’m excellent. All that I was trying to say was that I had my strengths too. If my ppt slides and methods of teaching were that horrible, why would it be adapted by the other more senior educators?

I could fairly say that even a senior educator would not be able to please everyone and if I would to ask around, there will definitely be that few minor who just do not like the lesson. All that I’m hoping for is a fairer assessment.

With all that I have talk about, I will rise up to the challenge and although I may not be able to reach a stage where they will have no criticism about me but at least I can minimize it.


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