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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I have been running away from blogging for the past few months. It is not that i have ran out of subjects to blog but more of i do not wish to blog. I'm still running away from any topic that relates to work. Not that the previous posts were wrong but more of i do not know what i should do anymore. It is confusing and i'm still trying to find my way. So right now, i shall focus on my resolutions for the new year.

It may be a week later but still it is better than none. Here it goes...

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle (and that includes mental health too!). I have been quite sickly in 2008 and i have decided that in 2009, nothing will come between me and my meals. Not even work. I have insisted on regular eating because i NEED to. Hopefully, this resolution will hold till December.
  2. Be familiar with the roads of Singapore! I have been losing my way ever since i had started driving. However, i'm still quite a road idiot. My sense of direction had not improved and that is something i hope to obtain this year.
  3. Maintain a decent amount in savings. As many had known, i will be getting married next year and $$ is definitely going to be an important thing for me from now onwards. But that damn fine LV is standing between me and my savings.
  4. Get back into shape! I have put on so much weight over the course of last year that it is simply depressing. Now i just had to make sure that i will go to the gym regularly.. I hope *crossing fingers*
  5. Pack my room and my workdesk! My workdesk is practically a warzone and i have not touch it since 2 years back. I really need to set aside time to pack the desk so that i have space for marking again.

After many many years of writing this statement 'I want to get my driving license' in my resolution, i had finally managed to strike that off my resolution forever! Now i have to be worried about losing my way...

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