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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Singapore Flyer!

The Singapore Flyer has a promotion which offers a free ride to all educators holding CS card during the September Holiday week.

Since it is free and stuff (and me being a cheapo who simply couldn't bear to fork out 30 bucks for the ride), i took up the offer, flash my card and finally go on board.

It was raining quite heavily and the queue was damn long. We decide to take a gamble and asked for a later flight which pays off, for the rain stopped. Although the heavily rain was annoying, the salesperson was more annoying! She was simply VERY RUDE! How to leave a good impression with the tourists if you don't even have good service? It had somehow ruined an otherwise a beautiful experience.

Maybe it is my lousy photography skills or maybe it is my camera, i simply just can't capture the beautiful night scene outside the capsule. Plus the tiny raindrops make me also went mad as the camera kept focusing on the raindrops instead of the scenary.

Nonetheless, i have a good time and we decided it was just to early to end the night and promptly proceed to Demspey Road for Ice Cream despite the heavily rain (which came about after we leave the Flyer).

Having such a sinful dish is so not on my menu but i'm simply too tempted to care about my diet there and then. I so need to get myself to go to the GYM!

It was a great Saturday evening. I have not been going out and enjoying myself for econs. If only, every weekend is as wonderful....

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