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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not that convenient after all...

It is weird how things never really go the way that you want them.

I have been yearning for my license for the longest time for I thought that a car would make my life more convenient. While it did improve my life in certain aspect, it did bring about some problems as well.

Although the rising oil prices do burn my pocket quite a little, it is not as troublesome as the parking problems. Imagine how troublesome it is to have to constantly going down to rip parking coupons from time to time. Don’t even try to remind me about season parking. I have tried getting one but apparently those that are allocated to my area are completely full. Talk about being unlucky. That is not to mention the parking fines that I have being receiving.

I imagine being able to sleep a bit late for work since the car will help to shorten the journey. But instead I found myself waking up earlier than I usually did when I did not have the car and constantly worrying about being late to pick a colleague up. Don’t get me wrong. I do not mind picking the colleague up for work for it is in the same way. But I do wonder why I’m not getting more sleep in the morning since I can leave the house later? It is kind of uncomfortable that others are setting time for me to leave the house.

There are times when I am really tired but yet have to send others home first which ultimately leads to reaching home later than if I were to take a cab. I do not mind doing that for my close friends and family but there will always be some who feels that since you own a car, you must be their driver. I honestly hate it when people came up to me and say things like “You have started to drive right? Send me to XXX.” or “I want to go to this place.” The irony is that they are not even that close to me in the first place. Now they are acting like we are old pals because I have something that they had wanted. My car. It was not a requested, it felt like a command. I hate myself for not being able to stand up to them and tell them to go away because I do not want to destroy the harmony in the workplace. I hate myself for being such a coward that even though I feel the resent and yet all I could do is to blog about it here.

I imagine being free when I have a car since I will be able to go to wherever I want to. Instead, I constantly find myself worrying about getting lost. I’m not as free as I hope I can be. Why could it be as simple as taking the MRT where I will know which stop to get off? There is the issue of finding a parking space too. Where will be a better and cheaper place to park is constantly on my mind when I go out.

I really wonder why I even bother about keeping the car. I really feel like giving it up and regain all the freedom that I used to enjoy when it hasn’t come into the picture yet.

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