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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It was a good weekend

It really was. True to my ‘I wanna be myself’ post, I decided to take some time off from work and in general everything else.

It all started when I was waiting at GH’s house waiting for him to finish his exam. Out of boredom, I managed a small talk with GH’s brother’s GF and the small talk leads to us shopping at the wet market which eventually leads to a double date.

The date was fun. The movie was great (which makes me want to write a long post about ‘Iron Man’!) and the dinner was filling. I never really know simple thing like this could be so satisfying or maybe I had never really tried in the past.

The next step is to get back into shape. Amore, here I come!

P/S: As I’m typing this entry, I’m actually talking to Mr Ray on MSN. Can you imagine? Haha..


3 Wishes granted:

  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger peccavi said…

    Hey is thur night or vesak day morning good for you if i jio you to amore?

    Anyway is the gf of gh's bro still the same one? No more competition b/w you two? That's great!

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger ~Cindirella~ said…

    Nope, this is a new GF. The old one was dump by his brother liao...

    Once i get the car, i can meet you on Fri or Sat for Amore!

  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger peccavi said…

    Haha no wonder so gam1 with the gf until can go market and double date together... Good good.

    Anyway you mean your own car or GH's car? I am fine with Sat amore, just not this week. :)


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