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Thursday, May 22, 2008

From an road idiot...

I have been driving quite a bit since I've obtained my license. However, sadly to say I’m still losing my way like nobody business. I’m a road idiot and I totally know that. I can even get lost in area near my house, especially at night where every single HDB block looks the same.

Thus, I absolutely dislike it when others give me vague directions. If I’m driving along a road that I have never been before, I need clear and specify directions. I simply cannot use my or your so called logic to find an exit out of the expressway. So if you tell me to exit out of ‘A’ exit, I will happy cruising along till I see the sign ‘A’ exit. Do not expect me to know that I must exit at a point where there isn’t any road name that vaguely represents ‘A’ exit!

Please take into consideration that I’m still a new driver (very, very new!) with my probation plate still happily hanging at the front and back of the car. Please also take into consideration that for an inexperience driver like me, it is already very stressful trying to keep up with the gear change and stuff that sometimes I simply do not have the time to think logically! Please also take note that I do not have 10 years of driving experience where I can be confident enough to eat or talk during the journey. In short, do not compare me with you! Do not attempt to impose your style on the road on me as well. Everyone is unique and different. If I’m not offending any traffic rules, just let me drive in my own style, OK!

Lastly, if the next time I tell you that I want to pump up the petrol tank, just f***ing let me pump it up because I know myself too well that I will definitely lose my way. It is definitely not funny to be losing your way and still worrying about not having enough petrol at the same time.

Just try to remember what it is like when you first got your probation plate, if that is not too difficult a task for you…

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