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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have a big headache, literally

My headache has been bugging me. It is not like one of those 'I did not sleep enough' kind of headache. It was more like those ripping kind of headache where you feel like ripping your hair off. I thought i was suffering from something but the doctor attributed it to being too stressed at work. He offered some advice to me; Stop being stressed or be above the stress such that it don't affect you.

I guess i did not manage to achieve neither of it, for my headache had gotten worst this week. The headache seemed to have anplified every little thing that goes wrong. It is just frustrating and that is definitely not helping my headache.

Maybe that is one of the reason why I totally lost my cool when the in-charge told me that the inconvenient person had requested for me to take over her for duties for today AGAIN. I forgot what i did but i think i swear out loudly when i heard the news. I was too mad to remain calm and composed. Honestly, if she is still around when i had gotten the news, i would have gone up to her right away. I'm just too tired to think about social grace. I really wanted to curse her with all my vulgarities. Sleeping for only 2-3 hours per day have been stretching my limit. I think she don't understand. I'm not tired, i'm really TIRED. I could fall asleep practically everywhere. The worst part of it is that i can't seem to finish the work after sleeping so little. So it makes me insane when i think about the fact that i'm slogging at work in her place while she is at home resting.

I really want a good rest, a good sleep. And i really feel like slapping her.

Colleague E told me that she overheard her telling the others that she is very tired on a particular duty day. As normal, the rest asked her not to stretch herself and to go back to rest if she is really not well. But like what colleague E had said to me, it is really weird that she only feels unwell on days that she had to stay behind. It must be some allergies to working late that she is totally fine on other days but very ill on duties days.

Oh mine, blessed her.

Someone please give her a trophy for her acting skills. Maybe she is really unwell or maybe she is acting. I honestly do not care about that anymore. Everything that she does now just seem fake to me. I have never been pregnant so i do not know how tough it is. I just find it funny that she is acting like she is nine months due when she is not even in her second trimester. I do not know that it is tough to walk with her 3-4 months pregnant belly that she can barely do work.

I know i'm being bitchy but i really do not care. I'm just beyond that the fact that she is pregnant and how she thinks she need delicate care and concerns.

I think i'm just going to confront her about this long overdue issues of her unprofessionalism.

P/S: Thank you Q for accepting me for who i am and for encouraging me despite all my rantings =)

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