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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An Adventurous Day

My big adventurous day started with a simple date for dinner. After much nagging, KJ finally stopped rejecting me for dinner date and we even managed to get YY out of her work schedule.

It all started with a suggestion to meet up at Hortpark for dinner, which was actually a good suggestion (although I have never been there before!). That is until we came to realize that the restaurant that we had wanted to dine at isn’t open for business on Monday. It was no big deal actually since we have rearranged to meet up at Vivocity instead.

However, the silly old me have to take the wrong path out of the Hortpark and that started a big adventurous. I sincerely thought that I will be doing a small round turn but that was a big mistake. Instead of finding myself a way of the park, I ended up in a maze. A scary maze actually, with no lamp post meaning a very dark road. Imagine driving in an area where you can only see the road where your headlights are shining. To make matter worse, I kept driving past scary, empty houses with no other human in sight. I was beginning to wonder if I’ve been cast as the main lead in a scary movie. In fact, I was so terrified by my own imagination that I proceed to switch off the radio, in case some funny voices came out of it. The adventure went on and on until I finally come to a dead end. Right in front of me is a big iron gate where a big mansion is in sight. Just like the movies, the mansion was dead empty. I kept looking at it, wondering if someone is going come out and chase after me with a chainsaw. Eventually, I decided to take a risk and do a three-point turn. It was very scary as I’m constantly afraid of my car dropping down into the forest which is on my right side. Luckily for me, I managed to pass through safely. As I drove on, thinking that I might be lost forever, I suddenly saw another headlight proceeding towards me. It was a taxi! Imagine my joy. I followed the taxi without thinking and finally got myself out of the maze. I was a little shaken but I refused to admit it.

After many obstacles, I finally reached Vivocity.

I was so glad to see YY and KJ. I was so tickled by KJ’s Clark Kent hairstyle that I had totally forgotten about being lost. The dinner was enjoyable. There was a lot to catch up with the both of them and I finally got to admire YY’s beautiful bag and the very expensive bag charm. It was a good feeling to be meeting up with old friends. We should definitely do more of this.

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