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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What is wrong with you, Singaporean?

The match is over and we walked away with a silver medal.

Not bad at all for a small country if you asked me. We stood and fought against the host nation. We may not be the champion but we are second, IN THE WORLD. How bad can that be?

What I do not understand is the mentality of some Singaporeans. I was watching the match with some fellow Singaporeans and their reactions totally turned me off.

When we are leading in the match, instead of feeling excited and cheering the girls on, they were saying things like “We’ll only lead for now, later sure lose the round one”.

When we were losing the match, instead of feeling anxious, they were saying “Die! Die! Sure lose liao. Only few more points to go. No need to play liao lar”.

I do know that deep in our heart, we are all secretly thinking that we do not stand a chance against the host nation. But should we give more encouragement verbally? I wonder why they watch the match at all. Did they watch it to give their moral support to Team Singapore or did they watch to see them lose? Or is it simply a good chance for them to sneer at the team, to make sarcastic remarks?

Really! What is wrong with some of us?

This is the first time that we are standing on the world stage after 48 years for a medal, in a Chinese territory no less. We are not in some foreign ‘Ang Moh’ country fighting for the medal.

I do not care about what others say. We have obtained our silver medal. It may not be good enough for some but it is definitely good enough for me.

I’m proud of you, Singapore!

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