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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing School Holiday!

School holiday is an amazing thing, especially when you are in the teaching line.

You spent the term dreaming, wondering and waiting for the holiday to come. You spent the term saying to yourself on how you will take a good break and how you will sleep till the sun is way up in the sky before the madness start all over again.

Finally, it comes. Then you start to realise that it is not really that much of a holiday when you have to be back on mon, wed and thurs for school commitments and the rest of the week in front of the computer trying to produce the exam papers, worksheets and powerpoint slides that are due.

And suddenly, the holiday has ended and you are due back for work even before you feel that you had taken a break from work. Then, once again, you spent the term wondering what you will be doing the next school holiday.

So tell me again. Isn’t the school holiday amazing? Especially when I could never tell where they have gone…

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