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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Is there no platonic friendship?

Is there no platonic friendship between a guy and a girl? Why must there always be romance between them? I was having this conversation with one of my friends, days ago..

X: I think ABC is quite cute and he is very nice to you!
Me: So? Nice to me means must have something? Cannot be good friends is it?
X: Usually that cannot be the case lor.
Me: ....

I hate it when people say things like that. It makes me feel as if there is certain kind of expectations that i have to meet. Why should i be under this kind of stress simply because they think that someone is good for me? I'm supposed to choose for myself right? Why do some people actually think that it is a blessing that there is someone who cares a lot for you? Have it ever occurs to them that it might be something troubling especially when you dun feel the same? I have friends who told me to stop being choosy and pick the guy that is being the nicest to me. What rubbish! Can you live with someone you don't like? Maybe you all can but i definitely cannot! I won't and will not be with someone because my friends think i should or that guy is super nice to me. I have my dream on what i want my life to be and i will not give it up simply to be a good girl. If you think i'm horrible, so be it.

Maybe my expectations are too high for my own good. But if i'm the one who is going to be with that someone for my life, then i'm entitled to choose right?

To my friends, thanks for concerning but respect my views ok? To the rest, if you happen to read this, I dun like to have a shadow around. So stop being nice to me and leave me as i'm and go on with your life.

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