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Thursday, May 26, 2005

My current school has such a stressful working environment. It is only the 2nd day of school and most of the new teachers are already low morale. Frankly, it is getting to me too. The school is gonna has a meet-the-parents session tomorrow and the whole event take places till 9pm! The teacher-in-charge actually requires the new teachers to stay for the event (which is sooooo stupid.. What can we do there???) but i politely told him that i have already got plans for tomorrow night. He was quite understanding and let me off for the event. This prompt the rest of the new teachers to not wanna go too.

During contact time today, the HOD of science was feedbacking on the nightly remedial that they had carried out this term and planned to carry out next term. Nightly remedial? What the? Does the school thinks that teachers do not deserve a life outside? I won't mind remedial in the afternoon but to have remedial till late night? I think that is simply crazy. That is not to mention that there will be normal lesson the next day. How can a teacher prepare for her lesson when she had to stay till 9pm in school everyday for remedial? We are not slaves to the school. Anyway, the HOD says that whole event is volunteering (Really? Volunteer or being volunteered?), so i shall just play by the ear.

I can't decide if i would be better off if i were to be posted back to my practicum school. The kids there are laming on why i did not go back. They said they all missed me (so sweet!). I kinda miss them too.. No actually, i missed them. That school may not have a great discipline system nor discipline kids but somehow i seemed to be more at ease over at there. This is bad.. Really bad.. I'm already thinking of posting out. Andy said he wished he were back at NBSS.

I'm still trying to think of my current school in a positive light. Let's hope nothing worst will come out...

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  • At 12:51 AM, Blogger Ra said…

    Your HOD is obviously trying too hard! Bureaucracy SUXS big time... take care k! :-)


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