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Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm back!

The best thing about being sick for 2 days, would be that you can totally get rid of your dark eye circles! You ask me how would that be? It would be if for 48 hours, all you ever do was to eat and sleep. I think i have slept more than i ever have for 3 years! Ok, it is exaggerating but i really did a lot of resting which is good cos i cannot rest on my own. Somehow, my hands would find its way to the computer keyboards!

Was so touch to see all the comments being left on my blog by my dear friends. It made me realised that as much as i'm upset over my friend's death, i should get up soon for there are so many people around me who still cares so much about me. So even though i'm still mourning for V, i can say that i'm pretty fine now (except for the stupid fever).

Not exactly in the mood to blog but since yy comment that i had 'disappeared' for so long, i think i should make an appearance. Till then, tata!

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