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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Since yesterday after i received the calls, there is a million questions running through my mind. Like all of you, i wanted so much to know how he died. Is it an accident? Or?

Like all of us, none of us have the answer. We could only read the newspaper to find out what happen for the family doesn't has an answer as well. If none of us has the answer, then why should any of us going around spreading things which we do not know if it is true or not.

True, i cannot stand up and say that V did not committed sucide. After the incident 2 years ago, I began to believe that one could really kill themselves even when they appeared to be so happy in front of others. But neither could any of you stand up and say that he was not murdered. Did he tell any of you that he was depressed for more than a year? I believe no.. Then where does that come from? From a friend? Who was that friend? How close was he to V? Dun any of you realised that sometimes words become twisted after a while?? It may be true that V mentioned that life was hard for him but that does not equate to he was depressed.

I think V's family is sad enough over his death. They do not need our constant spectulation over how he died. They definitely do not need any of us to go around and say that V was under depression. Since the police is still investigating how he died, let us all just suspend our judgement till an answer is given.

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