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Saturday, June 11, 2005

In less than 12 hours...

Yes, in less than 12 hours and i will be on a plane. But it is just crappy that even at this point, i'm still coughing very badly. My stupid nose is still blocked. So effectively now, i can't smelly anything cos of my blocked nose and i can't taste anything! So much so for going to China to feast!! Arrgh... Have to do other things then i suppose. This is soooo boring.. J complained that he and R are not considered my NIE friends with regards to my previous entry. Well, of course you guys are my NIE friends but my chat buddies are mostly not in Sg right now.

In fact, i'm so damn bored now that i'm considering to just call anyone on my phone list and chat. No one to chat to on msn and no updated blogs to read! Arrgh... Luckily i'm flying off tomorrow..

For those who still wanna contact me when i'm China (If you really miss me!), my phone line is still working. But please don't call me for fun cos it is fucking expensive to pick up calls overseas.. Damn, i'm hungry. I think i shall stop writing and start eating...

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