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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A little on my schedule for next term...

I must admit, seeing the kind of grade that i got for my practicum was a big disappointment. A real big one! I have work pretty hard for it and yet still i did not manage to get what i wanted. Friends told me that they thought i would have done pretty well for it. Actually i thought i did too but well, prehaps i'd think too highly of myself. Anyway, that was in the past. Since i can't do anything about it, i might as well chuck it in the bin.

Finally, i was told of the classes that i'm to take over. A fellow colleague had quited so from next term onwards, i'm to take over one of her class. My mentor told me that they are giving me only Sec 3 for chemistry because they are training me to follow the class up to Sec 4 for next year. Wow.. Am i seeing more responsibilities coming my way? I would say i'm very grateful for my timetable. Two secondary 2 classes for science, two secondary 3 classes for Sci(chem) and finally one secondary 1 class for CPA (well, it is apparent that my IT HOD had won the battle!). All these add up to about 25-27 periods a week. If you ask me, it is pretty light. But then again as i look through the schedule of all the teachers in the Science department, most have about 29 periods a week, with only 1 or 2 teachers running up to max 32 periods a week. This is kinda kind to the teachers, isn't it?

Oh well, i'm just counting my blessings now. Am gonna catch "Madagascar" with Daniel later.. Going to take a wink now. Tata!

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