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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Off to China!

In another 20+ hours, i will be on a plane to China. Sounds exciting? Perhaps.. Somehow, i'm not really excited about this trip. Maybe because i dun really know where i'm going.. Just hope, it would turn out to be fine.. The worst thing would probably be that i haven't even start packing my luggage bag!! Ok, i'm not that panick about it now cos still got time to pack. In another few hours' time, you will hear me screaming while i'm trying to get all my stuffs together. In end, i always forgot to bring things and brought necessary stuffs instead. That's me i guess..

Well, it is really touch to see that yy still check out my blog at the airport. And since i'm not gonna see or talk to you for more than a week, i miss you!! Haha... Well, actually i'm jealous of you! Your Thailand sounds so fun with all the sms that we exchanged. Arrgh.. Now, i wished i'm there... I wanna go shooping with a cute guy too! Haha.. Too crappy..

It is really so sianz without my NIE friends online. In case, you are wondering, they are all out of the country. Well, most of them. That is why i'm actually posting this pathetic entry to kill my boredom which backfires and maybe bored you guys too..

I think i should stop and get my butt out of the chair to start packing!

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