Just like the million others who is living under the same sky, I'm just trying to find that significant one to write my own fairy tale stories...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just an update

I'm thinking of something to write but can't really thought of any. Maybe let's just talk about me.

I have been quite happy recently.

Work is still work. There are things that still suck and I still have a big D stuck on my back but i get around it. Things just seemed to be easier when you know what you want. I refused to be affected by people who don't deserve my attention.

I wonder if it is because of my new found confidence or the stars have been aligning in a good position but whatever the case is, i'm glad about it. Good things have happened and i hope i'll have more good news to share.

Till then, i'm just going to enjoy the feeling of just being happy.