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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Whatever Happens To...

... my passion and my dream for my profession?

A colleague of mine posted this video on FB.

I could still remember the times in NIE where i joked and shared what i want to do when i graduated from NIE. I could still remember so clearly of the things that i wanna do to inspire the young minds.

Sadly, all i could do now is to remember that it had once dawned on me that i had wanted to be a good educator.

I honestly could not remember the details on how everything had happened and why am i surviving everyday at work instead of loving it. I could not remember what i had done to make myself an outcast in school and why there will be people who could viciously backstab others to achieve their own goals. I could not understand how these people could live without guilt on their behaviour.

I honestly do not know how to say goodbye to my students that i had grown so fondly to. I'm never good with goodbye.

I just hoped that i could keep my tears back when i bid them goodbye.