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Friday, July 05, 2013

Year 2012

Procrastination is a scary thing. Before you know it, days had became months and months became years. I looked at my last posted entry and it was dated 13th Oct 2011, just before I turned 30. Fast forward to almost 2 years later, here I am. I had actually wanted to post again but I just kept telling myself later. Sometimes, there is no later. I thought of discarding my blog and start a new one but I realized I am too attached to it to do so. Therefore I shall start my new post talking about 2012. 2012 is a strange year for me. I had experienced extreme joy and sadness. What's the joy? My daughter was born. I never knew being a mother could be so fulfilling until I became one. Although I had less time to myself, it doesn't seem to matter. Just when I thought I am on heaven, I made a discovery so shocking to me that it changed my world forever. I became someone else after the incident. I went from living in heaven to dropping to hell. But I decided enough is enough. I don't wish to live in sadness anymore. Thus on the anniversary of the day that changed my life, I decided to let it all go and be a happier person from this point on. Till then, I will try not to procrastinate. Keeping my fingers crossed.